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Brittany Jones Karp

Favorite movie:

Titanic..hands down! I cry everytime.


Best Hairstylist Moment:

I'll never forget doing one of my clients for the first time. She was telling me about recently getting diagnosed with breast cancer. When we were done, I took the cape off, and handed her the mirror and she just cried. She told me she hadn't felt that pretty in a long time! I just said to myself, "This is why I love my job".


When did you know hair was your passion:

I've loved hair and makeup since I was a little girl. Never really thought too much about making it into a career until I was actually at the salon one particular day getting my hair done. I just took a step back to take in my surroundings and the people there. Faces full of laughter and smiles. These stylists making people feel beautiful and confident again. I just had to get in on it! Such an amazing feeling!


Favorite hair color to achieve:

Blondes, blondes, blondes, I love you!


Trend I love the most:

Big sunkissed beachy hair!