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Caroline Aideuis

*Caroline is no longer accepting new clients*

Favorite Movie:

The Pursuit of Happiness, what an inspiration to see a story of a life changing personal endeavor.


Best Hairstylist Moment:

Moving to Raleigh and having clients follow me from Greenville. Then when I moved back I had clients from Raleigh follow me to Greenville. Both location changes were a big part of who I am today and glad my clients near and far can share that with me.So heart warming and beautiful to have them as a part of my journey!


Favorite hair color to achieve?

Blondes. All day, every shade, every day!


When did you decide hair was your passion?

At 18 years old I started working in a salon part time as a receptionist while taking college classes. I found myself rushing to work after after class and staying after hours. By age 20 and many business classes later I knew I wanted my business to be hair! Being surrounded by people and helping them enhance their own personal look is so fulfilling. I'm hooked.


Trend you love the most:

Ombre. Thank goodness the ombre trend is lasting a long time because I can't get enough of it!


Celebrity hair envy:

Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Aniston.


Best advice you can leave your client with:

Healthy hair is happy hair! Products and tools do make a difference. Not switching up your color constantly and keeping the color within several shades of your natural color is a even better choice as well! Embrace what you have, just enhance it!