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Mika Rogerson

Owner of The Boulevard Hair Company

*Mika is no longer accepting new clients*

A deposit is required for booking with Mika Rogerson


Favorite movie: 

I'm going to go with the girly girl sappy love movie, THE NOTEBOOK!


Best hairstylist moment:

I have one client that always sends me a message after I do her hair thanking me for making her feel beautiful. It's a small gesture that means so much to me. That is the most rewarding part of my job! So every month I have a special moment when I receive her message.


When did you decide hair was your passion?

I've always loved to get my hair done, even when I was little. I loved going to the salon and looking at those big books they used to have in the reception area. It became a real dream when I was in highschool. I would love to look through magazines and recommend hairstyles and colors to my friends. So, a few years later I went to cosmetology school and the rest is history!


Whats your ultimate favorite haircolor to achieve?

I LOVE natural haircolors. Ultimately, that's the easiest style for my client to maintain ( which in turn saves you money). I love a rich chocolate brunette haircolor with caramel or honey peekaboo highlights throughout. A bold piece in the front is always fun too!

The trend you love most?

I love a wavy hairstyle! Lots of volume with a middle or slightly off center part. I've always loved that messy undone hairstyle! It's an easy transition style throughout the day that you can throw up into a messy bun or ponytail !


Who is your celebrity hair envy or inspiration?

Alessandra Ambrosio ( Victoria Secret model) , Mila Kunis , and Jessie James Decker!


Best advice you can leave your client with?

Healthy hair is pretty hair. Be kind to your hair and try to keep the same haircolor for at least a few months. Switching back and forth too much can put a strain on your hair and can cause breakage. A deep mask at least twice a week is helpful as well!