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Beth Ellis

Favorite movie:

Can I be basic and say Dirty Dancing and Grease they are forever classics!

Favorite hair moment:

Every time a client leaves with a smile on their face. A smiling client when they see the finished style makes it all worth while. You also have those handful of clients that you've had cry because they are so happy with their hair and the wonderful job you did to make them feel amazing!

Favorite haircolor to achieve:

Anything funky and different! Reds, violets, and pastels!

When did you decide hair was your passion?:

Almost 5 years ago when I became employed with a professional beauty supply is when I discovered my passion for the hair industry. Products and knowledge just came easy for me to learn and enjoy using. I was like a sponge, I wanted to suck up all the knowledge I could and I loved telling and helping stylists when they were shopping. Before long I decided it was something I wanted to do myself and make a career out of it. My passion for it was overwhelming and I had to get my hands in people's hair.


Balayage and hair painting! Its so fun and creative and everyone gets their own personal touch!

Who is your celebrity hair envy or inspiration?:

Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Ripa. I love self expression through hair!

Best advice you can leave your client with?:

Good products and hair knowledge! Ask questions, seek answers and take care of you and your hair! And take a chance and try something different once in a while, it'll grow back! Get you some Hair Therapy!!