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Brooke Jones

Favorite movie:

The adult in me says Bridesmaids ( I love a good laugh), but I'm a sucker for the Classic Disney movies. The ending to The Little Mermaid will always give me chill bumps!


Best Hairstylist moment:

As a stylist, there are many moments that make you smile, but the most memorable in my book would be the day I met a lady named Mrs Jean. Her husband had just passed away and she came to me to style her hair for the funeral. Nothing extra out of the ordinary happened in my styling chair that day ( except making her hair look fabulous) but we made a special friendship over the next few weeks. She would invite me out to dinner and gave me some of the best advice. She has passed away now but it's the people that I meet that make this job the most memorable.


When did I know hair was my passion:

I feel like I was born with it in my veins really. My aunt use to have a shop in her house, everyday after she picked me up from school I watched her style hair. By the time I was in highschool I was trimming my friends hair in the school bathroom.


Favorite hair color to achieve:

Anything that enhances and adds shine to your natural hair color!


The trend I love most:

Loose beachy waves will never go out of style in my book.


Celebrity hair envy:

Brenda song, Emma stone for my redheads, Kellie pickler, and Britt Nilsson from the bachelor.


Best advice to my clients:

Change is never easy but sometimes you never know how awesome a type of style will look on you until you try it! Learn to trust your stylist and if you feel like stepping out of the box but don't know what direction to take ask what she thinks would look best with your face shape and skin tone. We are here to make you look and feel your best!